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"Dr. Abbasi was extremely professional and compassionate. She explained in detailed exactly what she was going to do and what possible risks I could experience. I had an agonizing toothache for almost two weeks that required a root canal. It was a very relaxing atmosphere. I arrived a little early and was taken to the back almost immediately. As soon as Dr. Abassi gave me my novacaine I knew I was in good hands. I felt absolutely no pain in almost two weeks as soon as she injected me. It was an elated feeling."

- Teresa

"So I got a nagging toothache. My regular dentist is on vacation, so I’m left with no other options but to call 1-800 DENTIST. They tell me that this place can take me right now. Great… off to the dentist I go. My appointment is for 12pm, I get there at around 1145am. I fill out the paperwork and i’m just sitting there. Looking around the office, the place is pretty neat. From the looks of it, the office looks small. They finally call me at around 1220pm. As soon as they open the door, it’s a long hallway. This place is bigger than it looks. A lot of rooms, and again… Very clean and modern."

- Anonymous

"I’ve been coming here for a few years, and I really like the staff here. The dentist is super sweet, as well as her assistants. The actual office is really modern and up to date. I also enjoy that they have a Keurig machine and water for us in the waiting area. They always send a reminder for your appointment, and they usually get you in and out pretty quickly."

- Diana

"Dr. Abassi called me a couple hours later to make sure I was doing ok and was still pain free and to also remind me not to forget to take my antibiotics that she had prescribed. Thanks to Dr. Abassi I feel so much better. A thousand thanks!!!"

- Madelaine

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